At Manor Garage, we undertake repair work on behalf of all the major insurance companies
and for company and private drivers.
We provide a fast and effcient service, as well as a repair of the highest quality. From the moment
you contact us, our team of professional friendly staff will make sure you and
your vehicle are treated with the utmost care and attention.

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Dents and Scratches
There are two types of scratches: Superficial scratches that rest on the clear-coat, or base paint and deep scratches that extend to the primer – or even as far down as the metal.

Superficial scratch repairs can be completed in a matter of hours, however dents and deep scratch repairs take more time, materials and care. They almost always require us to repaint the damaged panel.

At Manor Garage we know a thing or two when it comes to car welding. Our workshop and fully trained staff can repair, refurbish, or take on a larger welding project that your vehicle might need, whether it’s an MOT failure issue, superficial or a major repair. We are available for a no obligation chat and can advise on the best methods to employ for your needs, the costs involved and any issues that may arise from the work proposed.
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Paint Shop
Preparation is crucial in ensuring a high quality finish and our technicians take great pride in their prep work to ensure they are happy with the end
result, which means the customer will be too!

Our on-site car body & paint shop can perform a variety of paint services from minor paint and scratch repairs to complete car re-spray and everything in between.

Bumper Scratches
Stone Chips
Major Paint Scrapes
Full Car Body Re-spray

So next time your passing, drop in and we can take a look at what is needed and give you some free advice.