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At Manor Garage we have a wide range of tyres to suit your vehicle and preferred driving style, you can choose from General, 4X4, SUV, Sports and High Performance Tyres.

Your tyres are essential for safe driving; they are the only link between your vehicle andthe road surface – a critical contact area no bigger than the palm of your hand. If you are unsure that your tyre is either safe or within the legal limits, please contact us – we are happy to help.

Wheel Alignment / Tracking & Balancing
Why do my tyres keep wearing down so quickly we hear you ask, but can you remember when you hit that kerb or drove over that pothole in the road the other day? The wheel alignment on your car can be affected by the slightest knock and can result in tyres being worn down quickly as well as threatening the safety and handling of your vehicle.

At Manor Garage, we use the latest equipment to reset and balance your wheel alignment back to the manufacturer’s guidelines. So if you’re NOT experiencing a smooth ride and you want your car checked over, then just give us a call.

Alloy Wheel Repair & Refurbishment
At low speed, hitting a deep pothole can cause damage to your alloy wheels and at high speed will cause severe damage and also risks the loss of control resulting in a possible impact.

With the condition of our roads remaining in disrepair, we have set up a service with a local company, so if you are unfortunate to hit a pothole it is advisable to have the wheel/s checked over, call us – we are happy to help.

Locking Wheel Nut Removal Have you broken or lost your removal tool?

We have specialist tools to remove locking wheel nuts. In some very rare cases, we will not be able to remove your nuts, this is where they have been greatly over tightened, rusted in or damaged by previous attempts.

So far, we have not been beaten – so give us a go!

A healthy exhaust system is critical if you are to maintain the health and welfare of the vehicle occupants, a quiet smooth running engine and optimum fuel efficiency.

At Manor Garage we supply a comprehensive range of standard and performance exhaust systems for all makes of cars and light commercial vehicles.