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We offer a comprehensive DELPHI diagnostic service check for electronic management systems, including warning lights, air bag, ESP, ABS etc.

Brake checks are an important part of your routine vehicle requirements, so we recommend that you have your brakes inspected periodically and not just when you have your MOT test. If you tend to use your car mainly for short journeys for instance, it is likely that you will wear the
brakes down quicker than if the car is used predominantly for longer trips.

Cambelts are an essential part of your vehicle and not replacing them upon the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines can result in serious damage to your vehicle’s engine. We are keen to help you avoid huge repair bills cause by cambelt failure.

Unlike gearboxes and clutches where problems can be diagnosed, cambelts naturally wear and require replacement over a certain time frame or mileage interval – if unsure give us a call.

The clutch is a vital part of your car, while your only experience is maybe pressing down on the clutch pedal each time you want to change up or down a gear, inside there’s a lot more going on that you don’t see. If you are experiencing a problem with your clutch, call Manor Garage today for a free clutch check and a free no obligation quotation.

Faulty or flat batteries are one of the most common causes of break-downs, stop-start or short journeys don’t give batteries the opportunity to recharge properly. This ‘under charging’ results in a hardening of the lead plates within the battery and in-turn reduces the battery’s ability to accept or hold a charge. The last thing you want is to turn the key and the battery is flat and then you are going nowhere!

These systems all become less efficient over time, loosing approximately 10% of the gas per year, therefore it is essential they are maintained on a regular basis. At Manor Garage we provide a comprehensive service including repair, re-gas and cleaning the system to maintain cold air output and get rid of any harmful bacteria that cause nasty odours and allergic reactions.

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